Dementia can generate many legal complications. However with forward planning, such as a lasting power of attorney, and good advice you can be prepared for many future situations.

Power of Attorney, Wills

Apart from health needs, there are legal issues that need to be addressed including making living wills, wills and obtaining Power of Attorneys (Finance and Property, Health and Welfare).

Both Swansea Carers Centre and Age Cymru can provide advice and information on all of these services and more.

Compass Will cover Swansea and South Wales and are a professional qualified and highly experienced organisation. They can advise clients on important legal matters including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Deputyship orders and Probate.

Continuing Healthcare Assessment

In the event that a loved one does eventually need to enter the residential care system. It is imperative that the correct level of care be provided in line with their medical need. There are three levels: Residential, Nursing and Continuing Health Care. Importantly CHC is completely free and is funded by the NHS. The Welsh Government have published a guide Guidance on the principles and processes of the national framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) for more information on the process.

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