Dementia Friendly Swansea
Forum Meeting Minutes
24th September 2018 Canolfan Gorseinon Centre

Ben Ruddle – (Chair) – Home Instead Senior Care Wayne Dyer – (Treasurer) – Compass Will Writers Marcia Vale – Alzheimer’s Society Helen Hunter – Red Café Amanda Fancourt – Hengoed Court Dawn George Home Instead Senior Care Dominic Nutt – Ageing Well Partnership Office – Swansea Social Services Sheilla Betts – 50+ Network Lisa Buchanan – Kare Plus Steve Anderson – independent

Round table introductions. Concerns over low number of attendees. Need to identify possible reasons; email distribution list, new location, day of event…..

Presentation – ABMU Dementia Services Coordinator
Didn’t attended meeting. Not sure of reasons, possible location issues….

Treasurer’s Report
Bank transfer details not done yet so nothing presented.

Update since last Forum Meeting
No specific updates presented however 5 key issues drawn on from historic experiences illustrated below as main objectives for DFS moving forward.

Scheduling & frequency of Forum Meeting & Doers Group
It was agreed that DFS meet quarterly, avoiding Mondays. Next date settled on – Wednesday 5th December 11am – 1pm. Location to be confirmed. Suggestion put forward that we take Forum Meetings out on location in the community to be more visible and accessible. Possibly every other quarter….

Main Objectives of DFS

1. Increase information on DFS website re all things Dementia in Swansea.
Can we connect with stronger links to the ‘Forget me Not’ group and the 50+ Network? Re-design the DFS website layout to enable it to be tablet / phone friendly. Improve / increase the SEO (search engine optimisation). Clive Thomas to map dementia services across Swansea – do we know if this was produced / is available? Links to research / trials for those with early diagnosis.

2. Improve journey for Dementia patients, family and loved ones.
Increase signage for people with dementia in public areas e.g. signage in public toilets – see Swansea University Project.
Respite information for carers and those with dementia.

3. Promote Dementia Friends.
How can we work with local businesses and organisations to increase the number of individuals becoming a dementia friend across Swansea? Lyndsey Jones (Alzheimer’s’ Society) may be able to provide a postcode analysis of Dementia Friends numbers. Between 83-85 Dementia Champions in Swansea. How do we engage with then and get them to link in with DFS to increase the profile of becoming a Dementia Friends? What communications do the Dementia Champions receive?
Action point – compose an email to be sent to our local Dementia Champions via Lyndsey Jones to inform them of DFS and our objective.

4. Create an engaged structured DFS Forum.
It was agreed a more formal, structured approach to the DFS meetings was required moving forward. To remove duplications and make presentations / external speakers more relevant to dementia. Suggestions of external speakers include Beth Winters and Prof Andrea Tales (Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University). Forum to follow a formal agenda and eventually to have the minutes available via the DFS website as we wish to be an open / public group and therefore to increase the visibility.

5. Establish a ‘Management Group of Doers’.
Scheduled for Thursday 27th September, 10am at Compass Wills, 77 High Street, Gorseinon, SA4 4BL. What responses have we had? Recirculate invitation to all on distribution list. Create ‘Task’ groups for key activities. Amanda volunteered to be the DFS link with Dementia Friends / Champions.

Other areas of focus for DFS

1. PAS 1365 Alzheimer’s Society Doc.
British Standards code to be deemed a Dementia Friendly organisation. Do the objectives and actions of DFS achieve the criteria for accreditation? Marcia confirmed we are doing all that is necessary to achieve this with the Alzheimer’s Society. Marcia will be able to help with DFS self-evaluation of where we are and where we want to go.

2. Alliance with 50+ Network
How we can improve this via Dominic from Swansea CC and Sheila from 50+.
The 50+ Network have 1500-1600 members with a smaller number of active members. 50+ Reference Group meet monthly. Increase participation in the community and bring in new members to the group. DFS to communicate with 50+ network and connect with Council website link to 50+

Produce DFS Mission Statement.
Minutes to be loaded on to website in future.
Can we nominate a representative(s) to attend ‘Forget me Not’ meetings?
Circulate any information to DFS members via Mailchimp.
International Day of Older Persons – 1st October – Waterfront museum.
Glynn Vivian Gallery – Free courses available – information has been circulated already.

Next DFS Forum Meeting – Wednesday 5th December 11am – 1pm Location TBC