Dementia Friendly Swansea
Virtual Meeting Notes
29/04/2021 09:30-10:15

(1) The attendees of the meeting agreed that we would carry out actions each month to help those people living with dementia in Swansea and their loved ones. We will maintain the website to be a reliable source of local information. We will share ideas/best practise and endeavour to feed our experiences into decision making arenas to provide a voice for those affected by dementia

(2) Roles filled:
Chair – Nick Johnson
Treasurer – Wayne Dyer
Website Management – Jude Dale
Secretary – Hannah Davies

(3) Issues at present – not covered

(4) Sources of information available
The website is useful for directing people to information and advice points

  • Group members to send relevant news to Jude Dale for adding to website when appropriate
  • Secretary to send meeting notes, future dates with agendas for each meeting to Jude
  • Nigel Hullah to send info about the Sat/Sunday Socials to Jude for adding to website

Dementia Awareness Week 17-21st May
Can we organise a “Come Ask Us About Dementia” station anywhere/Mumbles?

  • Any members able to commit to contributing social media updates during this week please let Hannah know so a communication plan can be drawn up
  • Hannah to enquire with Mumbles Community Council
  • If a spot can be agreed, are representatives available from NHS, Social services, any other organisations who would like to volunteer to stand and chat/provide pertinent information to the passing public for 1hr on 2 or 3 days/over the weekend? Please contact Hannah if you’re interested in being there – not for marketing purposes
  • Is there an existing Directory of Services that can be handed out to the public?
  • Are the DFS Pull-up Banners anywhere – Wayne / Ben / Jude?

Social Media
This was viewed as a very positive way to communicate with a wide audience

  • Jude to create a Facebook Group with admin approval required for posts
  • Any volunteers for admin of the Facebook Group, please contact Jude
  • Hannah to liaise with Jude about reinvigorating the Twitter account
  • Any volunteers for admin of the Twitter account, please contact Hannah

(5) How do we provide support

  • Hannah to create a distribution list for any website contact form queries: Elaine James, Irene Mortimer, Julia Hackett, Clive Thomas, Nick Johnson – anyone else?

(6) Future meetings will be the 1st Thursday of each month

  • Nigel Hullah / Hannah will issue a zoom link to members along with the agenda
  • Hannah to cleanse the contacts database

For any inclusions on the next agenda please contact Hannah, it will be issued 1 week prior to the meeting.
Bank balance: £2,508.15

Next Meeting Thursday 3rd June 10-11am