Dementia Friendly Swansea – Meeting Notes
03/06/2021 10:00-11:00
Chair: Nick Johnson; Secretary: Hannah Davies; Treasurer: Wayne Dyer

There was a problem starting the zoom meeting so a new meeting ID was issued, my apologies as I know some people were trying the first link for some time and others didn’t get the revised details in time.

1. Apologies
Elaine James; Keith Harding; Helen Hunter; Steve Anderson; Hengoed Court Care Home; Beth Preston;

2. Website

  • The website is useful for directing people to information and advice points
  • Group members to send relevant news to Jude Dale for adding to website when appropriate
  • Please send any Press Releases to Jude
  • A Directory of Services has been sent to Hannah from SCVS. – shared with all

3. Dementia Awareness Week 2022

  • Irene to ask Carers what they would like during next virtual meeting – IM to update
  • Set up a working group in October – HD to put on agenda

4. Social Media

  • This was viewed as a very positive way to communicate with a wide audience
  • Any volunteers for admin of the Facebook Group, please contact Jude – any more volunteers?
  • Any volunteers for admin of the Twitter account, please contact Jude – any more volunteers?
  • Please can people share/retweet/comment/ask Qs on Facebook and Twitter to raise the profile
  • Amend the Facebook group so info can be seen publicly, but maintaining full admin control – done

5. What are the current issues people are facing?

  • Making contact with CAP and gaining access to support, being unsure of the current criteria for support and not knowing where to go/who to talk to for support are the biggest current issues – HD to contact Social Services to find out the preferred information to be publicised as widely as we can
  • Direct Payments meeting is Friday 4th June – details on Facebook group and will be emailed – done
  • Hospital visiting is ward dependant – contact the ward for information and possible helping at meal times

6. How do we provide support?

  • There is zoom fatigue and need for face to face activities to be ready to open as soon as possible – HD to contact the Local Area Coordinator manager for permission to share contact details widely; Whats On guide to be shared widely from Website;
  • If anyone is willing to attend public sector meetings to help inform decision making on behalf of people living with dementia and with personal experience to share, please get in touch with Hannah or Nick
  • NJ to share the Dementia Pathways Charter – done
  • HD to enquire if there is a similar charter within Social Services – HD to update

7. World Alzheimer’s Day (21st September) any activities we would like to do?

  • Carers Centre/AS will organise a get together
  • HD will contact Ospreys for any community activity plans
  • HD will contact Swansea City Council for permission for a Pop-Up Information Point that day
  • Any volunteers to source a location that they would be prepared to offer information on that day and HD will attempt to gain the necessary permissions

For any inclusions on the next agenda please contact Hannah, it will be issued 1 week prior to the meeting.

Bank balance: £2,508.15

Next Meeting Thursday 1st July 10-11am. Zoom link will be issued 1 week prior to the meeting