The Dementia Hwb in Swansea’s Quadrant shopping centre has been open for 5 months and we are now seeing trends in the visitor data as well as finding our place in the city centre community.

May’s Visitors

In May there were another 216 visitors, so we maintain around 200 visitors each month. The majority (around a third) are carers seeking information and support for their loved one, although we are now seeing more visitors who are looking to widen their understanding of Dementia to support their friends/neighbours/people in the community (around 25%). We believe word-of-mouth is fuelling this broader interest and we hope it is the beginning of a wider community engagement to support those affected by dementia.

Memory Testing – CANTAB Mobile

Around 10% of visitors each month are asking for Memory testing, so we are looking to invest in a CANTAB Mobile licence to be able to offer the Cognitive Assessment and direct people to their GP depending on the Red, Amber or Green result. We will initially offer one day a week for people to book or call in to have a suitably trained volunteer assist the visitor with this test in a private room, and we will carefully monitor the outcome of this approach. Any queries or thoughts on this please do let me know.

May Figures

Mental Health Awareness Training

We are finding a number of people with mental health issues other than dementia are visiting the Hwb so we are having a broader Mental Health Awareness Training session with the Samaritans on Wednesday June 8th at 10:30, if anyone would like to be involved please do let us know.

New Services at the Hwb

Taking on board feedback we have received we have also obtained resources from Marie Curie, and now have information regarding planning ahead and end of life care available upon request.

The Hwb has become a Swansea BID recognised ‘safe space’ (badge is displayed in our window), meaning that passers by will know that they can come to us for safety and support.

And finally, working in collaboration with Swansea Social Services we have become a distribution centre for Lateral Flow Test kits for any carers or vulnerable people that request the kits.

If you would like any further detail, email our Project Support Officer, Abi Davies who compiles all this information.