Dementia Hwb is pleased to announce the opening of another branch, this time at the Community Room, Tesco, Llansamlet. The first Dementia Hwb, located in the Quadrant Shopping Centre, Swansea, is handy for people to drop in whilst in the City Centre, we are well aware that this isn’t ideal for everyone. The plan behind Dementia Hwb has always been to provide a mobile version to the people in communities in and around the Swansea area.

What Is The Tesco Llansamlet Community Room?

Community Champion for Tesco Llansamlet, Ryan Pontefract got in touch with us via Facebook and mentioned that they have a lovely room available and would we like to use it? It was agreed that this was the perfect opportunity to launch the Hwb in another part of Swansea. Ryan and Gillian Alford are both Community Champions for the Tesco Llansamlet store, who are always looking for new ways to support the local community. They run a number of activities, including a bookshop, which helps them raise funds and support local charities and projects.

When Will Dementia Hwb Llansamlet Be Open?

We are working together to pilot the Llansamlet Hwb over an initial 3 month period. It will be open 10am until 2pm on the first Monday of the month. The dates for your diary are 5th September, 3rd October and 7th November 2022. You’ll find the Community Room next to the cafe in store. If you live around Birchgrove, Landore, Llansamlet, Morriston or just do your regular shop at Tesco Llansamlet then please feel free to visit. We will be there for you to chat to about any concerns you may have for your own, or a loved ones memory, whether you have a diagnosis of dementia or not, or are caring for someone who has. We will also have information that you can take away and read.

Other Tesco Llansamlet Community Room Groups

The Community Room also has the following groups that you may be interested in:

Moo Music (every Tuesday)
Paediatric Nurse and Health visitors (every Wednesday)
Crafty Buddies (every Thursday)
Faith in Families (every Friday)

The following groups are opening in September:

Art class (Mondays)
Maths Tutor (Tuesdays)
Help me quit smoking (Wednesdays)
Meditation class (Wednesdays)

If you are interested in any of these groups, contact Tesco Llansamlet Community Room via their Facebook or Instagram pages or send us an email to

Dementia Hwb Llansamlet