Direct Payments

Direct Payments is financial support in the form of monetary payments given to eligible individuals by their Local Authority.

What Are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments allow an individual to have control and choice over their own social care and support. The funds from Direct Payments can be used in two main ways:

1. Employing a Personal Assistant (PA) – a PA will provide support with daily living and tasks. You will be classed as their employer so individuals need to ensure they are made aware of their legal responsibility for holiday pay, Sick Pay and any training or insurance the PA may require.

2. Purchasing Home Care Services from a local Care Provider – a list of registered Domiciliary Home Care Providers can be found via the Care Inspectorate Wales. You can also use a combination of PA and Care Provider support to match your needs.

Information about how you can arrange your own support by using Direct Payments can be found on the Swansea Council website. In addition, Swansea Council have put together a fact sheet to explain what are direct payments, who is entitled to them, the assessment process and what direct payments can be used for.

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