We don’t have to look far for research confirming that music is good for people with dementia. Local to Swansea there are groups specifically for music, including the Musical Memories Choir and Singing for the Brain. What happens though if you are not able to get out to these groups and don’t have the technology to join in online?

The Purple Angel Dementia awareness campaign has a service providing those living with dementia with FREE bespoke MP3 players. These are available for people with dementia where ever they are currently living. This service is available for care homes to apply for on behalf of their residents.

Each MP3 player will have a personalised selection of 15 favourite songs. Music has been shown to benefit those living with dementia, with musical memories remaining accessible for longer than other memories. Being able to listen to favourite songs can provide joy and comfort to those living with dementia.

Here’s a clip from Norrms, from the Purple Angel campaign talking about this service

To get one of these free mp3 players, email Norrms McNamara norrms@gmail.com to get the forms sent to you, where you can list your cared fors favourite songs.

Purple Angel Free MP3 Player