Hannah Davies, founder of Dementia Friendly Swansea, is putting on her running shoes and doing the JCP Swansea Half Marathon on 12th June to raise funds for our Dementia Hwb in Swansea.

With £1,200 we will be able to purchase a CANTAB Mobile licence to be able to offer a Cognitive Assessment and direct people to their GP depending on the Red, Amber or Green result. This service will be provided by a suitably trained volunteer to assist the visitor with this test in a private room.

From the CANTAB website –

“Healthcare professionals want to be able to identify the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory impairment so that their patients can receive reassurance or further investigations in a timely manner. CANTAB Mobile, delivered via an iPad, combines a sensitive, touchscreen memory test, which has been used in clinical research of Alzheimer’s disease for over 30 years, with a depression screen to differentiate symptoms.

Benefits of using CANTAB Mobile

Detects the earliest signs of clinically-relevant memory impairment and differentiate depression
Reassure healthy patients early on
Average completion time 10 minutes
Strong encryption ensures patient confidentiality
Simple to set up and implement – can be administered by support staff”

If you could spare a couple of pounds, please donate on the following link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dementia-hwb If you are not able to donate, come down to the Half on Sunday and cheer Hannah on, racer number 922! Go Hannah!