Swansea Council are currently running a consultation on ‘listening to people aged 50+ in Swansea’. While this survey isn’t specificly about dementia and healthcare, there are options to give feedback from Quesions 6 to 11 on how to improve life for the over 50s in Swansea. We would urge people to complete the survey to let the Council know what services need to be improved up on.

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Consultation on ‘listening to people aged 50+ in Swansea’

Swansea Council is committed to listening to people aged 50+. The embedding of human rights as part of the council’s commitment to the Dublin Declaration requires a whole council approach to engagement and involvement. The pandemic has meant that thought needs to be given to how and where we engage with people, in this new and unprecedented time of working.

In order to get this right, we need your help to co-produce mechanisms that are fit for purpose and involve people in decisions that affect them, in quality and meaningful ways. This survey aims to ask questions that will help us to do this. If you do not agree, or think we have missed something, please also let us know. What you have to say is very important.

This survey needs to be completed by Friday 17 September 2021

Listening to people aged 50+ consultation


Your support is very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you at the next “Ageing Well Steering Group” on 23rd September, where I will be sharing the findings of this consultation and opportunities for co-production as we develop the new mechanisms for hearing the voice of people 50+ in Swansea.

If you require support to complete this survey or would like to receive a copy in an alternative version, please let us know at ageingwell@swansea.gov.uk or contact Rhys Thomas, Older Person’s Partnership and Involvement Officer on 07977 346177

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