The next meeting for the Swansea Direct Payment Forum is scheduled for Friday 2nd July at 10.30am and will be meeting every 4 weeks thereafter. If you haven’t been before and would like to be included in the circulation list please get in touch (details below). Everyone interested in helping to make sure that direct payments work well in Swansea is welcome. The meeting will be held via Teams and you can join via this link. If you can’t make the meeting and have issues or good idea or suggestions for change please get in touch.

Working With With Swansea Direct Payment Forum

Working together to make sure Direct Payments work well in Swansea

1. What are we suggesting?
To establish a Direct Payments Forum, to work co-productively to make sure that direct payments work well in Swansea

2. Who is leading this work?
Andrew Rose, Independent Living Team Manager, who is responsible for Direct Payments in Swansea

3. Who do we want to work alongside?
Anyone who is receiving or has received a direct payment, personal assistants and any cares services or domiciliary care agencies within the Swansea area.

4. What help do we need?

  • To know what works well to make sure you have a good experience of direct payments
  • To know when things are not working well and what we can do to improve them

5. How will we support you to work alongside us?

  • By providing support to get involved, through Adrian Bailey at SVCS
  • By supporting you to be involved in digital meetings
  • By meeting your out of pocket expenses
  • By providing you with the relevant information
  • By addressing your communication or physical access needs

6. What do you need to do now?

  • Let us know if you are interested in being involved via Adrian Bailey
  • Tell us how you want to be involved – what works best for you
  • Tell us what you need us to do to help you be involved

Get In Touch With Swansea Direct Payment Forum

You can contact Adrian or Lisa via the email addresses below.

Adrian Bailey –
Lisa Banks –