Dementia Friendly Swansea is proud to announce the launch of the biggest marketing campaign of the Dementia Hwb since it’s opening in January 2022. If you live in and around Swansea, you may have seen some new advertising popping up around the place. The You’re Not Alone images have been placed on the back of First Cymru buses, on billboards, in community magazines (Mumbles Times, SA4 and Jack Swan), running alongside a radio campaign on The Wave and on Facebook and Instagram.

As well as promoting the existence of the Dementia Hwb, to let people know that they are not alone in their dementia journey, the campaign is also there to raise awareness about dementia. If the campaign can spark a conversation between families and friends, this could help people who are feeling so very isolated. There are short videos created too, which introduce the Dementia Hwb and the faces you will see there when you pop in.

The Hwb has been in it’s home in the Quadrant now for over a year and in the first year has recorded 2403 visitors. The first year report has now been published, with hard copies available, please email with your details for us to send you a copy.