Would you like some help filling in forms? Support to make sense of a seemingly bewildering set of options? Or impartial guidance when things go wrong?

Advocacy services can help you make choices, get your voice heard and understand your rights. The following links will take you to organisations that can help – or point you in the right direction.

Swansea Citizen Advice Centre

People visit Swansea CAB with all sorts of issues. You may have money, benefit, housing or employment problems. You may be facing a crisis, or just considering your options.

Advocacy Directory for Swansea

An advocacy service can help you in situations where you may not feel able to deal with everything on your own. An advocate is independent and non-judgemental. You might think of an advocate as someone with specialist knowledge who will take your side and who you agree can act on your behalf.

You may also wish to visit the legal section for information about wills and power of attorney documents.

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